hefeigal asked:

How does the Mosin-Nagant compare to similar guns of the time, such as the M1 or an SVT?

peashooter85 answered:

Against an M1 or an SVT?  The Mosin-Nagant was a bolt action rifle with a five round fixed magazine.  The M1 was a semi automatic with an eight round fixed magazine, the SVT was a semi automatic with a ten round detachable magazine.  Both were a generation, if not two generations ahead of the Nagant in terms of technology and arms development.  I wouldn’t say they are similar guns at the time.  They were way ahead of the Nagant.

A better comparison would be against bolt actions of the day, like the K98k, Lee Enfield, MAS, Arisaka, Carcano, and others.  There are many different aspects of each rifle that give them strengths and weaknesses over each other.  The question is too vague for me to create a post that would not be at least a mile long.  That being said if I had to go to war with a bolt action, I would chose the Lee Enfield over all others because of its fast action and ten round magazine.

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